Hello, nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. My favorite sandwich is a BLT. These days you might find me trying to solve the NY Times mini crossword. When I was little I wanted to be Amelia Earhart, but now I'm happy to be at Echo&Co. Did you know that one of the other folks here kayaked the Napoli coast ?

As a Senior Project Manager at Echo&Co, Catherine enjoys managing projects from start to finish, from discovery to planning to implementation. On a day-to-day basis, they connect with team members about timelines, budgets, and resources to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout a project’s journey. They work with colleagues and clients to create streamlined communication, address roadblocks, and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Prior to joining the Echo&Co team, Catherine spent 12 years in project management with a focus on event planning, marketing, international development, and supporting LGBTQ youth. They previously worked with brands like State Farm and Hewlett Packard to develop DEI programming, and supported The Trevor Project in their first international mental health expansion to Mexico. Catherine has a passion for creating new processes, and developing effective, efficient, and sustainable resources to support their team.

Catherine has a BA in journalism from the University of Michigan and a Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership Certification from Centennial College. They are a board member of the University of Michigan LGBTQ Alumni Association. In their spare time, Catherine is a storyteller with an NPR program called The Moth, and enjoys running, boxing, logic puzzles, traveling, and meeting every dog within walking distance.