Hello, nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. My favorite punctuation mark is the interrobang. These days you might find me smiling at babies. When I was little I wanted to be a baker of cookies while driving freight trains , but now I'm happy to be at Echo&Co. Did you know that one of the other folks here plays the guitar ?

Neal is Echo&Co’s creative director, leading clients through the process of giving concrete, visual form to abstract concepts and ideas—form that users can see, interact with and experience. He’s responsible for helping clients find their unique visual identity and voice in an already cluttered and loud world, distilling that into actionable creative direction, crafting original creative concepts and designs, and then working with the rest of our design team to turn that creative into a modular and extensible design system for our clients and their users.

Neal has spent the past 12 years—his entire professional design career—focusing exclusively on projects in the sphere of progressive social change, advocacy and movement-building, and becoming a specialist in the field. Much of that time was working on projects here at Echo&Co in some form or another, for almost 10 years now.

As a designer and creative director, he has produced visual identity, campaign and website design work for leading change organizations including Greenpeace, Global Zero, Avaaz, Points of Light, 350.org, the American Federation of Teachers, and the United Nations.

When he remembers back to what it was like to have free time, before having both an infant and a toddler in the house, he can recount stories of being a book lover, an avid cyclist (and bike mechanic), a letterpress printer, and a radio DJ. Neal has a bachelor’s degree in art and design, with a specialization in visual communication and printmaking, and finds it incredibly uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.

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