Design is threaded throughout our engagements and extends from creating visual identity systems through to creating all the atomic elements of an interaction system. Our design work often includes:

Creative Direction

To ensure that all design work meets a unified visual direction and drives the correct strategy, Echo&Co will lead work to consolidate and define the creative path forward for your organization. The result is a high-level guide that outlines the appropriate brand, tone, emotion and visuals for the design, efficiently and effectively steering the remainder of the visual design process—both now, and as a valuable asset for your future communication work.

Visual Identity & Design

Working in coordination with your overall brand strategy, Echo&Co will create a visual system that expresses the personality of your organization, communicates your values and distinguishes you from your competitors. That includes everything from designing your logo to developing your identity guidelines. Together, we’ll visually tell the story of your organization.

Data Visualization & Iconography

Visualizations and imagery can tell a story in a way that words and numbers alone cannot. In fact, research shows that infographics can improve cognition by allowing users to see patterns and trends and retain important data. We’ll captivate your users by transforming data and complicated concepts into compelling visuals that can be understood quickly and clearly.

Responsive User Interface & Interaction Design

Instead of relying on just wireframes and static mock-ups, we prototype your website in-browser to make the design phase as efficient as possible. You can see how every page, button, and image looks on any screen size or mobile device, all in their native environment: the browser. And we won’t just design a pretty page or application—we’ll create a scalable interface design system that is rooted in a strong visual hierarchy and promotes clarity, legibility and consistency. Your users will love you for it.