Definition calls the substance of your work to the surface, creating the blueprint for an improved user experience.

Your solution comes into focus. During definition, our work becomes distinct and clear. We build on discovery and use design thinking methodologies to outline a path for implementation — from user and product definition through to drafting architectures, prototyping, and testing. 

Remember lucky number eight. It’s easy for projects to become mired in endless questions and ideas, especially when design precedes definition — a very common trap. Design is visual and exciting, so we’re naturally pulled toward it. But, without a blueprint for how content and functionality will solve your organizational and user problems, you risk ending up with empty design. Our eight-step definition process is designed for substance. During it, we: 

  1. Define business and product goals
  2. Clarify user needs and objectives
  3. Draft a brand and content blueprint
  4. Outline feature and technical requirements
  5. Map interaction flows
  6. Model information architectures
  7. Create and test early prototypes
  8. Specify governance frameworks

You’re our partners at each step of the definition process, so you learn good methods and habits to replicate with your team once our work together is complete. This is how we bring the spirit of open-source and mentorship to our collaboration.

Who Definition Benefits

  • Organizational leaders who want to move beyond ideas-heavy strategy to comprehensive, actionable plans.
  • Product managers and creative leaders who want design decisions to map to clear performance goals.
  • Customer experience leaders wanting to make sure users find meaning in their interactions.
  • Production leaders looking for more structure for the planning, prioritization, and production of work.

Definition is typically the second part of a design and implementation project, but also can be done as a stand-alone engagement built upon existing discovery and research. When we create a definition process, we work closely with you to custom-design activities that best fit your needs. Here’s an example of what definition may include: